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Wakefield, Devin L., David Holowka and Barbara Baird: The FcεRI Signaling Cascade and Integrin Trafficking Converge at Patterned Ligand Surfaces.  Mol. Biol. Cell (2017). (DOI)

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Shelby, S.A., S.L. Veatch, D.A. Holowka and B.A. Baird: Functional nanoscale coupling of Lyn kinase with IgE-FcεRI is restricted by the actin cytoskeleton in early antigen-stimulated signaling. Mol. Biol. Cell 27(22): 3645-3658 (2016). (DOI)

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Jayant, K., A. Singhai, Y. Cao, J.B. Phelps, M. LIndau, D.A. Holowka, B.A. Baird and E.C. Kan: Non-Faradaic Electrochemical Detection of Exocytosis from Mast and Chromaffin Cells Using Floating-Gate MOS Transistors.  Scientific Reports 5, 18477 (2015). (DOI)

Bryant, K.L., B. Baird and D. Holowka: A Novel Fluorescence-based Biosynthetic Trafficking Method Provides Pharmacologic Evidence that Pl4-Kinase IIIalpha is Important for Protein Trafficking from the Endoplasmic Reticulum to the Plasma Membrane.  BMC Cell Biology 16(5), 1-26 (2015). (DOI)

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Singhai, A., D.L. Wakefield, K.L. Bryant, S.R. Hammes, D. Holowka and B. Baird:  Spatially Defined EFG Receptor Activation Reveals an F-Actin-Dependent Phospho-Erk Signaling Complex.  Biophys. J. 107(11), 2639-2651 (2014). (DOI)

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Holowka, D., M.K. Korzeniowski, K.L. Bryant and B. Baird:  Polyunsaturated fatty acids inhibit stimulated coupling between the ER Ca2+ sensor STIM1 and the Ca2+ channel protein Orai1 in a process that correlates with inhibition of stimulated STIM1 oligomerization.  Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1841(8): 1210-1216 (2014). (DOI)

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Shelby, S.A., D. Holowka, B. Baird and S.L. Veatch:  Distinct Stages of Stimulated FcεRI Receptor Clustering and Immobilization Are Identified through Superresolution Imaging.  Biophys. J. 105(10): 2343-2354, 2013. (DOI)

Bryant, K.L., M.A. Antonyak, R.A. Cerione, B. Baird and D. Holowka:  Mutations in the Polybasic Juxtamembrane Sequence of Both Plasma Membrane- and Endoplasmic Reticulum-localized Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors Confer Ligand-independent Cell Transformation.  J. Biol. Chem. 288(48): 34930-34942, 2013. (DOI)

Smith, N.L., D.S. Abi Abdallah, B.A. Butcher, E.Y. Denkers, B. Baird and D. Holowka:  Toxoplasma gondii Inhibits Mast Cell Degranulation by Suppressing Phospholipase Cg–mediated Ca2+ Mobilization.  Front. Microbiol. 4: 179, 2013. (DOI)

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Gadi, D., A. Wagenknecht-Wiesner, D. Holowka and B. Baird: Sequestration of Phosphoinositides by Mutated MARCKS Effector Domain Inhibits Stimulated Ca2+ Mobilization and Degranulation in Mast Cells.  Mol. Biol. Cell 22(24): 4908-4917, 2011. (DOI)

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Smith, N.L., S. Hammond, D. Gadi, A. Wagenknecht-Wiesner, B. Baird and D. Holowka: Sphingosine derivatives inhibit cell signaling by electrostatically neutralizing polyphosphoinositides at the plasma membrane.  Self/Nonself 1(2): 133-143, 2010. (DOI)

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Holowka, D.: Biomembrane liquid-liquid phase separation and detergent resistance: a relationship strengthened.  Biochem. J. 424: e5-6, 2009.

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